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When it comes to bathroom remodeling, the floor, toilet, vanities and walls are the easy part. But what do you do with that old mustard yellow colored bathtub? Most cast iron bathtubs weigh over 300 pounds and are virtually impossible to rip out, carry through the bathroom door, down the steps and out the door. What about re-glazing? Re-glazing is just a fancy word for re-painting. To date, there is no paint that will permanently adhere to your tub without chipping. And what do you do about the mold and mildew infested ceramic tile on the walls above the tub that is so hard to clean. Appleby Systems has your bath remodeling solution.
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New Bath Remodeling That Lasts

Appleby has developed a cost effective way of custom fitting a heavy gauge acrylic bath liner over top of your existing tub and walls. This way you get the color of your choice with a bathroom remodeling system that is virtually maintenance free.

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From Outdated to Outstanding

Trust Appleby Systems to offer you a bathroom remodeling complete with new fixtures, new tub and a new surround wall system all for a fraction of the cost of a complete removal and re-installation

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Bathroom Remodeling Technology and Features

The bathroom remodel can be one of the most time consuming and expensive improvement activities undertaken in a home. Traditional bathroom remodels can take weeks or months − leaving you unable to access the most used room in your home. Appleby Systems has worked hard to change thebathroom remodeling experience.

Our manufacturer has developed a patented Microban technology that allows us to completely change the look and functionality of your existing bathroom for less time and less money. Our mold and mildew resistant acrylic bathroom systems can be installed in about a day and are a fraction of the price of ripping out your old fixtures and starting over.

Go from outdated to outstanding with Appleby Systems!

• Mold and Mildew resistant patented Microban technology
• From outdated to outstanding in about a day
• Less expensive and less time than a conventional Bathroom remodel which could take weeks or months, unable to access your most used room in the house

Bathroom Remodeling Options

Customize your new Appleby Systems bathroom with an unbelievable selection of styles, colors, and accessories. Your new bathroom will look and function exactly the way you’ve always wanted. Our Bath systems provide a beautiful, affordable & quick solution to a conventional Bathroom remodel, taking about one day on average. Microban is the patented agent that makes it mold & mildew resistant. Our gorgeous selection of completely customizable vanities, fixtures, and accessories will leave you breathless.

Call Appleby Systems today to set up your free in home consultation. One of our bathroom experts can help you plan a bathroom to suit your taste and budget.

• Many styles, colors and options to choose from
• From outdated to outstanding in about a day
• Less expensive and less time than a conventional Bathroom remodel which could take weeks or months, unable to access your most used room in the house

Learn More About Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

The Appleby Systems bathroom remodeling process is quick and virtually painless. If you’ve ever gone through a home remodel before, you’ll be amazed at the ease of the Appleby process. This is due in large part to the expertise of our bathroom technicians. Our factory trained craftsmen have years of experience with installing our patented bathroom remodel systems and are experienced in handling any unexpected situations during the remodel process quickly and professionally.

The typical installation process takes about a day and generates virtually no mess. You don’t have to worry about dust flying everywhere and being stuck without your bathroom for weeks at a time. Once your new bathroom is installed, it’s maintenance free. Your beautiful new space will be lived in and loved for years to come!

• Clean and easy installation in about a day!
• Installed by factory trained craftsman
• Maintenance free


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