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No other manufacturer in North America can match our experience and performance. Over the past 35 years, we have placed much emphasis and resources on developing the technology, state of the art product components and perfecting the art of installation, resulting in the most appealing, comfortable and affordable sunspace addition to your home. It’s no wonder that over 500,000 Americans add a Sunroom to their home each year.

Ever notice how so many sunrooms look like metal sheds attached to the side of homes? Good construction workers aren't always great designers. At Appleby, our team of design consultants and experienced sunroom craftsman help you create a sunroom that looks as though it's an integral part of your home… like it belongs there.

Did you know the majority of all sunroom dealers leave it to the homeowner to handle the permit process? This can be a very time consuming and costly process. Appleby's full service sunroom installation commitment takes care of all these concerns.

One of the keys to relaxing in your sunroom is knowing you won't have any worries with leaking after a hard rain. Most sunrooms leak due to inferior construction of the foundation. At Appleby, our expertly trained sunroom Installers do it right … or we don't do it at all.

Appleby offers many styles, from seasonal to year-round use…We have a Sunroom for every budget and lifestyle!

Seasonal Living…The American Classic Room

If your plan is to occassionally use your sunroom and you would not find the lack of its use during certain times of the year to be a problem, then you might find that a 3 season sunroom would work just fine for you and your family. Probably the greatest benefit of a 3 season sunroom is that they do not require that you hook into your home's heating and cooling system, so the amount of work that is necessary to get them set up is less than that of all season sunrooms and a simple ceiling fan or a space heater will provide a comfortable environment.

Features & Benefits

The American Classic Room features lift-out vinyl sliding windows with 7/8” IG combined with our LoE3 and argon gas and full fiberglass screens. Sashes can be lifted out for easy cleaning. Available in white, beige or clay This room was awarded one of the 100 Best New Products for 2008 by Professional Builder Magazine.

All Season Living…The Yorktowne Room

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The days of enjoying a sunroom only in the summer are gone. Advancements in technology, insulation and glass performance have paved the way for the new trend of all season comfort and enjoyment. If you plan on using your new sunroom as a much used extension of your home, providing heating and cooling for year round comfort, then you should consider the versatility of an all season room.

Features & Benefits

The Yorktowne Room vinyl patio enclosure is the best value year round sunroom money can buy. The year round patio enclosure is standard with high performing LoĒ³ insulated glass and Parallex™ windows. These units not only slide back and forth but tilt-in for easy cleaning. The windows operate with just one handle that engages the multi-point locking system and controls the tilt-in function. Fully removable UltraVue invisible screens make for clear, pristine views. Available in white, beige or clay. The addition of foam filled extrusions provide superior insulation to the Wallsystem.

All Season Deluxe Living…The Yorktowne Deluxe Room

For those who wish an “outdoor living room” feel, the many upgrades of the all season deluxe model make it the perfect choice. You can customize your new sunroom with an entertainment system, TV, bar…the possibilities are endless. It is sure to be the favorite room in the house every holiday and just about every day of the year! Enjoy the Outdoors…Indoors in any season!

Features & Benefits

Customers all agree outdoor living indoors in the Yorktown Deluxe sunroom just does not get any better. The year round patio enclosure is standard with high performing LoĒ³ insulated glass and Parallex™ windows. These units not only slide back and forth but tilt-in for easy cleaning. The windows operate with just one handle that engages the multi-point locking system and controls the tilt-in function. Fully removable UltraVue invisible screens make for clear, pristine views. The addition of foam filled extrusions provide superior insulation to the Wallsystem. Available in white, beige or clay.

The Appleby Screen Room

Screen rooms are an excellent and affordable choice, offering added protection of a roof and screens to keep out bugs, rain, humidity, and other elements of nature. They are also a great place for more delicate plants and flowers, as well as a favorite spot for children and pets to play safely "outdoors" while still being indoors.

Features & Benefits

It will save the family picnic on a rainy summer day, keep away pesky bugs and give you versatility for your outdoor entertaining. A beautiful new screen room will customize your outdoor living space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Constructed of Heavy duty extruded aluminum with Fiberglass mesh screens, available in white or beige. Designed to accept glass windows down the road turning your screen room into a seasonal or year round sunroom

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The Appleby Patio Roof

A Patio roof is an economical way to enhance the usability of your outdoor space. Provides perfect protection from the elements, keeps leaves, debris and bird deposits off your patio or deck and keeps the patio cooler.

Features & Benefits

Don’t let the heat of a scorching sun or some rain ruin your outdoor plans. You can have picnics, serve drinks or simply lounge and unwind under an Appleby patio roof. A patio roof provides protection from the sun can create a lower temperature on your patio or deck and will help prevent fading and sun damage to your patio furniture and/or decking. Designed with Krystal Kote® finish to prevent scratches and discoloration.TCA-Guard® protected means no wood boring insects. Easy to add sunroom walls and convert space into a seasonal or year round sunroom in the future. Heavy duty extrudes 3’ header and post systems. Available in white or beige. High density EPS foam insulation and shingleable roof panels available to match your current roof for a seamless appearance.

Custom Sunroom Designs

Making the decision to remodel your home is a tough one. There are a number of things to consider: the length of time for the construction, the inconvenience to your family, and the costs. If you and your family need more space in your existing home but you are hesitant about the inconvenience and costs of doing a full home remodel, consider installing a sunroom instead!

Sunrooms from Appleby Systems are fully enclosed additions to your home that are accessible from the inside. Unlike traditional additions, sunrooms are designed to be very open to the outdoors giving you a space where you can enjoy outdoor living year round. Our sunrooms are completely, 100% customizable to your specifications and budget. Our expert craftsmen match each sunroom to the style of the existing home − both interior and exterior details. You can choose from three and four season sunrooms − depending on your preferences for use.

Start living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of with a new sunroom from Appleby Systems.

• Outdoor Living…Indoors
• A Sunroom for Every Lifestyle and Budget
• Many different styles & options to choose from including 3 season and 4 season rooms

Four Seasons Sunrooms

Sunrooms are an easy and affordable way to increase the living space in your home. We absolutely adore the feeling of outdoor living that can be enjoyed in a temperature and insect controlled space. Your new sunroom will quickly become your favorite quiet space to relax and unwind with a book and no distractions. A four season sunroom from Appleby Systems can be enjoyed year round − even on the snowiest day in January.

Call us today to hear about your sunroom options. You will adore the additional (and affordable) space in your home!

Call us or schedule a free in-home design consultation.

• Added Living space
• A quiet place to relax and unwind
• An affordable solution to your added living space needs

Temperature Controlled Sunrooms

Appleby Systems sunrooms feature one of a kind craftsmanship and patented technology. We are one of the only companies that manufacture and install our products and we stand behind our work 100%. Your new sunroom will be installed by a factory trained craftsman who is intimately knowledgeable with the room’s functions and features. Your new sunroom will be custom built to flow with the existing appearance of your home and not look like an “add-on”.

• Patented technology
• Installed by factory trained craftsman
• Custom built to flow with your home and not look like an “add-on”

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