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Openings for Brand Ambassador at Appleby Systems in Pennsylvania

Brand Ambassador


Reports to
Outside Events Coordinator

Flexible part- and full-time hours depending on event schedule

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What You’ll Do

This position involves conversing with future Appleby customers and gathering contact information for entering prospects into company contests.

Candidates will go through initial in-store training. Ongoing training will be provided.

Specific Duties

  • Learn and follow designated script for interacting with customers
  • Collect contact information from prospective customers
  • Attend Appleby training seminars
  • Present a positive and professional image of yourself and Appleby at all times
  • Follow all guidelines outlined in the Appleby Employee Handbook

A successful Brand Ambassador will:

  • Work 100% of scheduled hours
  • Successfully create interest in person via a pre-written script and rebuttals to obtain customer information
  • Generate two cards per hour



Able to read a script and to learn to use a keyboard for office computer system

Physical Requirements

A bonus program is offered for this position. Benefits are described in the Employee Handbook.

Physical Requirements

Sit or stand at desk and make phone calls to prospective customers

Mental Requirements

Enthusiastic and energetic mind-set and able to accept rejection from potential customers



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