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Installer Openings at Appleby Systems in Pennsylvania



Reports to
Branch Construction Administrator

Short Job Summary
Installers are responsible for
completing product installations
contracted by Appleby Systems Inc.

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What You’ll Do

Installers are responsible for completing product installations contracted by Appleby Systems Inc. Installers must be expert in the installation of one or more Appleby home improvement products, including, but not limited to, windows, sunrooms, siding, roofing, doors and bath systems in a professional, efficient, and competent manner. Interaction with customers at job sites will require a courteous and responsive approach that is consistent with Appleby’s high standards of exceptional customer service.

Specific Duties

  • Install windows/sunrooms/doors/siding and baths in customer’s homes, adhering to Appleby’s “Quality of Installation” guidelines and all safety guidelines and policies
  • Travel to remote branches when necessary, to help install products contracted from those branches
  • Assist in Branch renovations, certain maintenance and occasional service requests
  • Perform various duties as directed by the Construction Administrator, including but not limited to, assembly of Appleby marketing kiosks, maintenance and improvement on Appleby buildings, unloading installation materials from delivery trucks and ongoing training
  • Insure that all jobs meet customer’s satisfaction and conduct customer surveys at time of job completion
  • Follow all written policies and guidelines outlined in the Appleby Employee Handbook

A successful Installer will:

  • Provide a customer experience that will leave a lasting positive impression
  • Ensure that all products are free of defects and properly installed
  • Take ownership of each job and perform all duties with pride and superior craftsmanship
  • Strive to perform duties as cost effectively as possible



  • Valid Drivers License required
  • Experience required
  • Appleby provides a truck, tools, and equipment

Physical Requirements

  • Sit approximately one hour
  • Stand/walk approximately 7 hours
  • Regular lifts of 50-70 pounds and occasional team lifts of 140-200 pounds
  • Frequent simple grasping, pushing/pulling and fine manipulation
  • Occasional squatting and crawling
  • Frequent bending, climbing and reaching
  • Use of power tools (including, but not limited to: circular saw, power miter, reciprocating saw)
  • Use of digging tools, demolition procedures and ladders.



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