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Open Positions of Sales Representative in Pennsylvania

Sales Representative

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Branch General Manager

Short Job Summary
Meet with prospective customers to demonstrate our products and generate firm sales contracts

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What You’ll Do

Sales Representatives will meet with prospective customers to demonstrate our products and generate firm sales contracts.

Specific Duties

  • Be available to cover all leads and be consistently punctual at all times
  • Demonstrate the product in a positive, professional manner
  • Complete all contracts and paperwork completely, efficiently and neatly and submit them to the office in a timely fashion
  • Be responsible for maintaining sample kits in good order and transporting them to prospective customer’s home for sales presentations
  • Attend regularly scheduled sales and payroll meetings
  • Be available to make at least 8 sales calls each week, generally one each evening from Monday to Friday and a morning and afternoon on Saturday (schedules may vary based on available leads and other factors)
  • Duties may vary, depending on situation.

A successful Sales Representative will:

  • Meet Appleby’s targeted closing percentages (33% for windows) on a consistent basis
  • Mentor and share best practices with new sales representatives and associates
  • Place tremendous value on all leads


  • Minimum high school diploma and at least one year of sales or customer service experience
    Valid driver’s license in good standing
  • Possession of a vehicle capable of transporting a large sample case to prospective customer’s homes
  • Current automobile insurance coverage
  • Strong verbal communications skills

Physical Requirements

  • Lifting up to 60 lbs from storage position in a car trunk.
  • Carrying up to 60 lbs from the car to the customer’s home, while walking up and down stairs, slopes and uneven, sometimes precarious, terrain.
  • Driving for up to 1½ hours at a time.
  • Talking, sitting, standing, bending, lifting and positioning demonstration books, samples etc. during presentations to customers.



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