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Replacement Windows Appleby Systems
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Replacement Windows from Appleby Systems

Did you know that within two years, the average vinyl replacement window can cause more problems than what you have now? Replacement vinyl windows often have an inferior design, resulting in seal failure. Because the panes of glass aren’t sealed, moisture can get in between the panes and fog up your window.

At Appleby Systems, we’ve built our business on a commitment to quality. For more than 50 years, we’ve manufactured replacement windows for the York, West Chester and Allentown areas that prevent faulty moisture seals and give a view worthy of a chair and a cup of coffee.

Beautiful Windows for York, West Chester and Allentown Homeowners

We do more than build beautiful replacement windows for homes in Allentown, West Chester and York — we make replacement windows that last and meet our exacting quality standards.

Our unique manufacturing process for replacement windows prevents moisture from gathering in the window panes. We use a unique “warm edge” sealant, making it virtually impossible for moisture to get between the panes of glass. This makes our replacement windows stand out from the rest.

Lowered costs for our customers is something we value at Appleby Systems, which is why we started our Appleby Fuel Pledge. We’ve created one-of-a-kind insulated glass windows that are three times more energy-efficient than the average replacement window, which can save you more than 45% on your energy bills.

Appleby Systems knows that spending your Saturday cleaning your replacement window, versus going to a local event in York or West Chester, isn’t fun. That’s why we developed the tilt-in replacement window for easy cleaning.

Unlike other manufacturers’ tilt-in windows which can cause drafts and fall-in and risk your home security, Appleby Systems has modified ours to overcome these design challenges. We’ve developed unique features like our wind-jammers, anti-blow-out sash locks and metal-to-metal connectors to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Replacement Windows Offered by Appleby Systems


Appleby Systems offers 10 styles of replacement windows for your York, West Chester or Allentown home:

  1. Arch Top Windows: Arch top replacement windows offer your home a decorative, elegant accent. Customize your arch top window with a distinct patterned or colored glass.
  2. Awning Windows: Small and functional, awning windows give you light and privacy. Energy-efficient options are also available to help you moderate a room’s temperature without raising your electric bill.
  3. Bay Windows: Bay windows add space to your home, plus a spot for your cat to sun themselves throughout the year. Our bay replacement windows also increase the value of homes in York, West Chester and Allentown.
  4. Bow Windows: Bow windows act as a focal point and bring in natural light from more than one direction. The windows also extend outside your home, giving you the illusion of larger living spaces.
  5. Casement Windows: Casement windows are a favorite for homeowners throughout Central PA. Available in several colors and finishes, casement windows also give your home the most ventilation compared to our other replacement windows.
  6. Double-Hung Windows: Double-hung windows from Appleby Systems feature our tilt-in feature for easy cleaning, plus provide unmatched energy benefits for lower electric bills.
  7. Garden Windows: Garden windows let your green thumb thrive throughout the year. Use our replacement garden windows as a temporary greenhouse while saving on energy costs.
  8. Picture Windows: Picture replacement windows are popular with families all over York, Allentown and West Chester. Maintenance-free, picture windows are available in numerous colors and styles to match your home’s décor.
  9. Single-Hung Windows: Single-hung windows are cost-effective and constructed from durable and long-lasting materials. Easy to clean and energy-efficient, single-hung windows can be customized with your choice of color and style.
  10. Sliding Windows: Sliding windows are great for living rooms and bedrooms because they light up the room, so you don’t have to rely on overhead lights or lamps. Plus, they’re affordable and offer excellent ventilation.

All our replacement windows feature an aluminum reinforcement structure within a low-maintenance vinyl casing. This gives us the required strength to offer a larger glass pane so you don’t have to lose glass viewing area like you do with the typical bulky framed vinyl replacement windows from other manufacturers.

Cut Out the Middle-Man with Appleby Systems’ House Windows

Since 1977, Appleby Systems has created replacement windows for York, West Chester and Allentown. We’ve earned an average customer review of 9.6 out of 10, plus testimonials praising not only our products, but our knowledgeable and personable staff.

Contact us to learn more about our replacement windows for your home in York, West Chester or Allentown. You’re also welcome to request a free quote!

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