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Durable Metal Roofing for Homeowners in York, West Chester, Allentown and Surrounding Areas

Vertical Panels traditionally have been used mostly on commercial, industrial and farm buildings. Today’s technological advances in building materials have made it both practical and economical to use pre-painted vertical panels in virtually all color combinations for residential use. Standing seam metal roofing is eco-friendly because it lasts up to 50 years and can even be installed over your existing roof, so you don’t have the waste of asphalt roofing being torn off and replaced every few years.

Standing Home Metal Roofing Benefits:

  • Durable: Metal is designed to last up to 50 years, no matter what the weather throws at you.
  • Energy Efficient: A new roof can help reduce your energy bills.
  • Beautiful: Gorgeous designs and colors that won’t fade.
  • Increase Value: A new roof, especially a metal one, can increase the value of your home and may even qualify you for a homeowner’s insurance discount.
  • Variety: We have lots of colors to choose from to complement your home.

Replace Your Roof Now and Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Old roofs can have leaks that can damage your home and are less energy efficient. With a new roof from Appleby Systems, you can make your home more energy efficient, beautiful and increase your home’s value. You may even qualify for a discount on your homeowners insurance. Get high quality residential roofing and repair from Appleby Systems and you get a roof that looks great and saves you money!

Homeowners in York, West Chester, Allentown and the surrounding areas contact us to request a quote or for additional information about how your home can benefit our standing seam metal roofing system. You can also check out our other high quality metal roofing styles like our shingle, tile and shake metal roofing.