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Beautiful Metal Roofs from Appleby Systems

Protect your home from severe weather and water damage from damage to your roof with a metal roof from Appleby Systems. With metal, you don’t have to worry about replacing your roof for 50 years or more! So you can say goodbye to those roofing problems and leaks for good. A metal roof can help increase the beauty and value of your home while reducing your energy bills.

West Chester Metal Roofing Benefits

  • Durable: Our roofing can last 50 years or longer while standing up to severe weather like high winds, rain, ice and hail.
  • Energy Efficient: Our metal roofing helps keep energy from escaping your attic, making it more energy efficient.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Cut down on the amount of roofing material that needs to be taken off of your home with metal. In fact it can often be installed over your existing shingles.
  • Beautiful: Gorgeous architectural designs with the look of shake, shingle and tile.
  • Variety: We have lots of colors and styles to choose from including natural metals to complement your home.
  • Insurance: Switching to a metal roof may qualify you for a homeowner’s insurance discount.

Metal Roofing Experts in Exton, Media, Downingtown and the Surrounding Areas

Appleby Systems has installed roofs on homes in Montgomery, Burlington New Castle and throughout the Delaware Valley. We have years of experience in the area and we know what works best with the West Chester climate. Our professionals can walk you through your options so you get the best roof for your home.

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