Whether you’re building a new home or breathing new life into an old one, windows are always a top concern. But at some point, the big question pops up: Should you invest in custom windows?

There are big advantages to installing custom windows, but there are also some definite drawbacks. Here are the questions you need to ask before purchasing custom windows for your home:

Am you ready to invest in custom windows?
There’s no question about it: Having custom windows installed costs more money than installing stock windows. They also require more time and selection than it takes to just pick a window design “off the shelf.”

This may sound like a disadvantage to purchasing custom windows. But it’s actually a blessing: the care and craftsmanship that go into installing custom windows ensures that the job will be completed right the first time. Using stock sized windows often leads to frequent resizing and “editing” of the windows to suit your needs. You may end up paying more to perfect your “cheaper” stock sized windows than if you had invested time in developing the perfect custom windows for your home.

Would custom windows save you time or money down the road?
A major advantage to installing custom windows is how they can improve energy efficiency within the building or home itself. Think about it: a custom window is going to be fitted to the frame exactly, with very little (if any) room for air to come through. This allows for heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently.

Because custom windows require personalized installation, the contractor that comes to your house will assess your home’s openings and help you pick the right custom windows for your house. They’re starting from the beginning and working outward, which saves you both time and energy in the long run.

Do custom windows suit your needs better than standard windows?
Not all windows are created equally. Custom windows may suit your needs better than stock sized windows over time, saving you a lot of headaches.

For example, do you hate to clean windows? Fiberglass custom windows require far less maintenance than anything you’ll find standard.

Are you aiming to be environmentally friendly in your home’s construction? Vinyl custom windows offer a chic look while facilitating efficient energy use.

Do you need something that can stand up to strong winds in your area? Your answer may lie with aluminum-clad custom windows. These strongly built windows are built to take winds much stronger from those a stock sized window is made to handle. A custom sized window may be the perfect solution for your long-term needs.

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