Looking for a beautiful way to accent your home in a unique, yet functional way? Awning windows are a great answer! These windows were designed to provide privacy and make home ventilation easier because of their ability to catch natural breezes. These types of windows are a popular choice for bathrooms and basements. They can also be integrated into any style of home to create a stylish yet functional look. Here are some other benefits of awning windows.

Benefit #1: You’ll Save Energy
Energy conservation is on the minds of millions of homeowners around the country today. Looking for ways to save money but also do your part in helping the environment? Energy efficient windows are a great start. Awning windows are available in double pane and triple pane and also have low-E and Argon gas. This means your energy costs will be lower and overall, you’ll save money.

Benefit #2: Beautiful & Practical
Do you have spaces in your home that are hard to reach? Because you don’t have to lean over to pull open the window, awning windows are great options for places like over the sink, over counters in the kitchen, or over large appliances. Not to mention, they are beautiful and contemporary! They let in a lot of natural light and they are available in a variety of color options. This means that no matter what style or design preference you have, there is an awning window that will match it!

Benefit #3: Easy to Use
Tired of windows that are incredibly difficult to open? Awning windows are very easy to operate, most often with a hand crank. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about trying to maneuver a “stuck” window. Just simply turn and crank and you’re done.

Do you have an awning window that needs to be replaced? Or maybe you’re looking to add a new one to your home. Not sure which awning window is right for your space? Our experienced team of window professionals will help you find which window works best for you and your budget. Call Appleby Systems Inc. today to set up an in-home evaluation – we will look at the overall construction of your home, the look that you want to achieve, and what your price point is. No matter which awning window you choose, you’ll be making a great investment! They’ll add value to your home and make it more beautiful at the same time!